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Renaissance  and Medieval Recorders

Here is a listing of our best renaissance and medieval style soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders for sale. These instruments are designed with a wide, slightly conical bore, which facilitates the production of strong low notes and helps the instrument produce tones with strong fundamentals, which helps them blend well in 15th and 16th century consorts for 2-5 recorders.  All instruments, new and used, are sold with a 7-day trial period. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

Maker Recorder ModelRecorder Size PitchMaterialPieces Holes


CommentsList Price Our Price
Cranmore Dordrecht
Nota (13th c English Dance)
440 Plum w/Boxwood fittings One SingleRenaissance (extended) New - Wonderful realization of one of the oldest recorders extant! $1150 $1150
Ture BergstromRenaissance

Susato Ronde & Hoboekentanz
440 AppleOneSingle RenaissanceUsed - Mint condition. Perfect chiff for renaissance SATB consort! $1250  $1150
von Huene Ganassi

Soprano 440 Curly Maple One Single English New - Perfect for renaissance consort or
17th c early baroque.
$1200 $1200
Doris Kulossa Midieval/Renaissance

Demo Video of Doris Kulossa playing Alto in F based on The Nine Muses by Le Champion des Dames

440 Cherry w/Boxwood fittingTwo w/brass ring SingleRenaissance (extended)
New - Excellent cylindrical renaissance alto with some extended high notes! $1750 $1950
Norm Stoecker Renaissance

Great Bass (in C)
A440 Cherry Four Single Key w/Fontanelle Renaissance New instrument - fine Great Bass for renaissance consorts!
Comes with short end-pin to place on small riser so very comfortable to play, with no neck strap needed! Also, holes 2 and 5 are slightly offset for more ergonomic fingering.
Adrian Brown Virdung
Alto in g, 2 Tenors in c, Bassett in F
Francisco de PeƱalosa (c.1470-1528) Sanctorum-meritis
Hugh Ashton's Masque

520 Service Wood (sorbus domestica)4 - one-pieceSingle Renaissance with open 9thUsed, in  excellent condition! Perfect for 15th and 16th c consorts. Avoid several years on the waiting list! $7550


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