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Recorder Duets   (sent as .pdf files by email!)

             Couperin, Le Tic-Toc-Choc arr. for AA (Sc + Parts) $3.50

             Corelli, Sonata Op. V Nr. 11 in Bb Major arr. for AA (Sc + Parts) $4.25

Recorder Trios   (sent as .pdf files by email!)

             Boismortier , Opus 7  Nr. 4 in f minor (1725) arr. for AAA and (Sc + Parts) $4.25

Recorder Quintets
This remarkable quintet by Glen Shannon was commissioned by Charles Fischer as a quintet reduction of the recorder orchestra version for 12 instruments. Each player except the bass recorder player is assigned two instruments and must switch between them as the piece progresses  (Si/S, S/A, A/T, T/B, and B)

See and Play Scorch File  of Shannon Follia Variations (requires free plug-in from Sibelius.com)

Play Midi File

             Follia Variations for Recorder Quintet (SMM Publications SMM140) $15.00 (free shipping in USA)

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